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Ride for Fun and to Help the Donkeys!

Post Date: December 13, 2012

Become an ACTHA Ride Host to help horses in need

The American Competitive Trail Horse Association sanctions Competitive Trail Challenges all across the US and Canada.

A Competitive Trail Challenge© is an ACTHA competitive trail ride, taking place on private ranches, farms or public parks across the country. The ride itself is anywhere from 6-8 miles long, averaging 6-8 judged obstacles along the way. Obstacles are mostly natural, and each has its own judge. Obstacles can consist of crossing water, crossing bridges, opening gates and maneuvering steep hills, to opening mailboxes or putting on a slicker.

To host your own CTC you will need access to 6 miles of trail, this is approximately 300 acres, and can be on public or private land. You will also need enough space to park approximately 20-25 trailers and some willing volunteers to help you coordinate and judge your event. ACTHA will assist you every step of the way, providing insurance for your event and a personal ACTHA Trailboss to guide you through the process. ACTHA will also provide training for you and your judges and access to ACTHA’s comprehensive website that handles all administrative tasks.

ACTHA is committed to improving the health and welfare of horses nationwide. ACTHA Co-Founder, Karen Van Getson states “ACTHA has a huge heart for the horse and a huge heart for charity. We want to welcome every trail rider across the nation and show them the fun and enjoyment of an ACTHA Competitive Trail Challenge. Together we can ride for a purpose, with a common goal of helping those non-profit organizations who are in need of funding.”

For more information on Hosting an ACTHA Competitive Trail Challenge you can visit www.actha.us/hostaride or call Tina Mae Weber @ 573-434-1617 (tinamae@actha.us).


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