Donations accepted thru Paypal

If you prefer to donate via US mail, our address is: 

PO Box 123
Monroe, WA 98272

100% of our donations go to horse care

We received federal nonprofit status in June of 2010. All donations are deductible to the full extent of the law. We will provide you with a tax receipt promptly.         

Thank you for your consideration!

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Our Wish List

    We gratefully accept horse feed or hay.

    If you would like to purchase any of the items we buy regularly, the list follows:

    * Alfalfa Pellets
    * Horse Guard Vitamins or CA Trace
    * Grass or Alfalfa Hay
    * White Salt Blocks
    * Flax Seed
    * Joint Supplements
    * MSM
    * Rolled Oats
    * Special Blend pellets

    * Bedding pellets-One ton per month

    All of these items are available at the Monroe Co-Op, next to the Evergreen Fair Grounds. You may call in an order of feed for us to pick up or make a donation for feed via credit card by calling: 360-794-4663

  • Wood Chipper/Mulcher
    We need a chipper to make chop for some of the residents who can no longer manage full-stem hay. An ideal chipper would be powerful enough to chop a flake at a time and have an intake large enough to accept a flake. But we can break the hay up and feed it it.

    We appreciate any help with this request!