How is the body condition score of equines determined?

What is the Equine Aid policy on receiving horses, ponies and donkeys?
We are only able to accept horses as space and finances allow. We accept private surrenders, equines from Craigslist and those sold at auction.

What is the greatest need for the animals at Equine Aid?
Hay, hands down! Through October 2015 the rescue has used more than sixty tons of hay at a cost of over $15,000. We have made arrangements with a farmer to have him store and supply us with hay over the winter. But we do need to pay for the hay every week when we pick up more. During the summer months we feed good quality local round bales supplemented with eastern Washington grass or alfalfa hay. If you have hay to donate, please contact us at: equineaid@comcast.net or 360-282-6667. We use some alfalfa for horses with certain needs, as well as a variety of grass hays. Our local feed store, Monroe Co-Op, will also accept donations for us towards hay and feed. Their number is: 360-794-4663. Funds towards our ongoing challenge to purchase hay are so helpful and appreciated!