Equine Aid History

On February 14, 1999 Doug Arneson and Geri Vincent purchased 10+ acres with a dilapidated house and barn in Monroe, Washington as their home and a place where they could help equines in need. A new home was in place by June 1999 and they moved onto the property with three dogs, thirteen cats (foster failures...), three horses, two donkeys,  Tony Pony and a flock of chickens.  Improving the property and working full time was very demanding. In addition, equines in need soon came to live with us.

The following years were very hectic with many animals entering the rescue, the ongoing need to re-build the farm and full time work to pay the bills. We operated as a private rescue until 2010, paying for the animals' needs with our income and savings. We received our state charity status in 2008 but we were not aware that we could provide tax receipts while our federal 501c3 status was pending.  We didn't publicize our nonprofit status until June 2010 when we received our determination letter from the IRS.

We provide the facility to the rescue for the annual cost of $1, on a ten year lease.  Equine Aid is a labor of love and hope. We are thankful for our wonderful Board of Directors and all the volunteers who help us care for the animals. There are many ways to help here. We hope that every person who has assisted us, in any capacity, knows how important they are to the successful rehabilitation, training and placement of our rescued equines.