Who We Are

Doug Arneson
Farm Operations Manager, Co-Founder

Doug chose to leave his cozy and beautiful sailboat for farm life and a never ending whirlwind of mucking, fence building, hay bucking and whatever else gets thrown at him, He does it all with a smile and his Schipperke, Yami, trailing along side. When he is off work he enjoys reading,political discussions and nurturing his beautiful flock of chickens. He keeps a special pen for two disabled hens. On dark and rainy days outside doing chores he sometimes yearns for the tidy confines of the Easy.

PETEY The Donkey

Petey is a small standard donkey who was seized by Skagit Animal Control in June of 2007. He arrived as a lice infested jack with a very forward personality. Once gelded, he became one of the most charming donkeys to live here. He prefers interacting with people over other donkeys almost as much as he enjoys vandalizing the farm. He is very 'busy', leaving nothing unexplored. When we attend events that welcome his presence he is patient and delighted to be part of any activities that include attention and possible food.

Geri Vincent
Executive Director, Co-Founder

Geri has been fortunate to always have animals in her life. She has worked as a veterinary assistant, Assistant Manger at an Arabian Farm, for Woodland Park Zoo and in Fisheries Research. She is grateful for the support of her husband, Doug, friends and family who have made it possible for Equine Aid to exist and move forward through their support and encouragement. She is thankful for the animals who have shared their home and teach us lessons every day. The photo is of Geri and her beloved Paloma.

Melanie Sears
Board of Directors: Treasurer

Melanie is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a B.S. in Psychology and is a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) through the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. She loves spending time with her critters: Farley (a 5 year old black lab) Oreo (a double-stuffed cat) and Mamba (a 3.5 foot long corn snake.) Melanie has been involved with animal rescue and welfare since she was a young teenager and throughout her professional career hopes to improve the efficiency of nonprofit organizations as well as reduce as much animal suffering as possible.